~ Fading Moon Cosplay ~

The members of Fading Moon Cosplay~



(Cosplays: Ceres, Winry Rockbell, Nyuu/Lucy, Uzumaki Naruto,                    [Time-Skip Manga] Haruno Sakura, Rydia)

     Frost-Aya on Cosplay.com     AyaFrost on Cosspace.com



(Cosplays: Edward Elric (with and w/o automail), Uchiha Sasuke, [Time-Skip Manga] Uchiha Sasuke, Train Heartnet, Mello, Chrno)

       Fullmetal Tora on Cosplay.com          Fullmetal_Tora on Cosspace.com



(Cosplays: [Child] Duo Maxwell, Haku of the Hidden Mist, Orochimaru, L Lawliet) 


    Hyuuga Duo on Cosplay.com          Maxwell_Duo on Cosspace.com     


(Cosplays: Eclipse [Demon Diary], White Mage)

(picture coming soon!)

Yokai Kami on Cosplay.com

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