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Well, Ani-Magic's over and it was fun....but very, very small. It seems that less and less people are attending every year, unfortunately, and we truly hope that something is done to make sure this doesn't continue.  
Anywho, it was pretty good nonetheless (though extremely cold! >< Brr!) and we won some awards, which was pretty great, and saw our friends... so overall it was worth the 3-hour drive even if the con itself was a little lacking due to insufficient attendance and/or funding. 
Pics will be up soon, under the Conventions section, so check back in about a week.... ^^


Nya~ Ani-Magic is quickly approaching and I totally can't wait! Congrats to Kain and Aya for winning a certain Ani-Magic contest and acquiring a few free PLATINUM badges and a GOLD one too! *throws confetti*

As for costume line-ups, for now the only thing that seems certain is that Aya is bringing her great new Rydia costume, and Tora will be hauling along at least 3 of her previous costumes, most likely TJ Sasuke, Mello, and Train... and perhaps a surprise for the Kou Haku singing contest??? ^^


Nothin' much going on right now, but Ani-Magic is steadily getting closer and it seems we'll all be attending as usual. ^^  Costume line-up hasn't been determined for sure, but Aya is working on a new Rydia costume.


Back from AX. It was... not that great, really. LBCC was way too spread out and a hell of a lot of walking. It was also very disorganized and nothing started on time. However, we still managed to have fun and I'll be uploading a gallery soon (link on Conventions page). ^^

Also, a note on next year's Anime Expo: The convention is planned to take place in the LA Convention Center. This is a TERRIBLE, terrible idea and we must do all in our power to prevent this. The area is very prone to violence and is NOT convention-friendly. If you would like to try to get the location of AX08 changed, please follow the link below and sign this online petition. We cannot let AX be held in such an awful place.  http://www.petitiononline.com/AX2008/petition.html

Thanks for helping!

~FMC Staff


We will be attending Anime Expo 2007! Though there was some concern about whether or not Aya could go, it's been confirmed that she'll be coming! So all of us will be there and I suppose in that case it'd be good to have a costume list...

AYA: Naruto, Time-Skip Sakura (manga), Freya (Chobits), Eve (Black Cat)
TORA: Sasuke, Time-Skip Sasuke (manga), Edward Elric (FullMetal Alchemist), Mello (Death Note),Train Heartnet (Black Cat)
DUO: Orchimaru, Haku (Naruto), L (Death Note), Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing)

- 4.18.07 -

Wo0t! Tora made us a website for our cosplay!







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